wildcat kicking a football with football field as the background

St. Patrick Wildcats Kick-Off

It’s that time of year for NFL football and 

St. Patrick School is excited for its second annual 

Wildcats Kick-Off cash raffle!

What is the Wildcats Kick-Off raffle? The Wildcats Kick-Off occurs over 18 weeks during the regular NFL season. Each raffle ticket will be associated with 3 NFL teams assigned at random each week. Each week points will be calculated based on their scores to establish 4 winners each week. It’s not like Fantasy Football -- no knowledge of teams or players is needed to win. Winners receive cash prizes with a top award of $125 each week! Prizes will automatically be mailed to the winners, who will be announced each Tuesday on our website, Facebook, and email. 

A total of $5,850 will be given away throughout the 

18 weeks of the raffle. 

Highest Three Teams/ 1st Place - $125

 2nd Place - $100

   3rd Place - $75

 Lowest Three Teams - $25