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"The community of St. Patrick School believe that all students can grow in their Christian faith and strive to achieve the same standards that Jesus set forth in wisdom, age, and grace before God and Human kind. Our school's purpose is to prepare all children to reach their potential in spiritual, academic, physical, and social growth . Our responsibility is to help all students attain their maximum ability by word and example."


Would you consider making a $200 per year donation to St. Patrick School, especially if it didn’t cost you anything extra and you could support local businesses at the same time?

The solution is the purchase of Scrip. Scrip is great in that many local businesses have agreed to participate in the program, providing a portion of their profits to St. Patrick School.  National companies also participate in the program.

Using Scrip is really easy.  You purchase the Scrip/Gift Cards at the same value as the Scrip or Gift Card.  There are NO extra fees.  A $50 scrip certificate or gift card is worth $50 at the store. (We are able to purchase the cards at a reduced amount from the participating merchants/businesses.)  Buy things you were going to buy anyway – just use St. Patrick Scrip to pay for your purchases!!

If you were to use Scrip to make regular weekly purchases, such as food, gas, and household items and you purchase:

Weekly Scrip Purchase            Amt School Earns/Wk            Amt School Earns/Yr

$75 in groceries using                             $ 2.25                                           $ 117.00                      Quillin’s or Fareway

$40 in gasoline using                               $ 1.20                                           $    62.40                     Quillin’s, Casey’s or Kwik Star

$25 in household items using                 $ 0.75                                           $   39.00                     Quillin’s, Fareway, Pamida or Kwik Star

TOTAL  per year                                                                      $218.40

With 750 families in the St. Patrick Parish, over $150,000 could be raised without it costing anyone anything but a change in your habits, especially since many families probably spend more than the amounts listed above for groceries, gas, and household items.  If you also include other items, such as dining out, hardware supplies, jewelry, gifts, and furniture, the amount raised could be even more. Certainly, the Scrip Committee does not want to encourage or tell you where to shop—only to encourage you to change how you shop with businesses that participate in Scrip.  If they use the gift card concept, please purchase ahead some of the gift cards.  Remember you don’t need to use the entire card at one time.  They will provide you a receipt that shows the amount remaining on the card.  If a local business accepts St. Patrick Scrip, then purchase a quantity to be sure you have some on hand when you go shopping.  Under the Scrip order form tab is a list of the many businesses that participate.  You may also go to to see a complete listing of participating businesses.

The School Board has approved an Incentive Program that provides one and one-half percent of the total amount purchased to be credited to the parent’s tuition/fees.  This includes the RE Program as well as school tuition and fees.  Anyone may purchase the Scrip and designate that incentive be given to a particular family or student.  Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends may designate their Scrip purchases toward a student’s fees.

Scrip may be purchased before or after any of the weekend Masses, Monday mornings at the Lower Building office or contact the school to arrange the purchase of Scrip.


Click here for a printable Scrip Order Form

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