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"The community of St. Patrick School believe that all students can grow in their Christian faith and strive to achieve the same standards that Jesus set forth in wisdom, age, and grace before God and Human kind. Our school's purpose is to prepare all children to reach their potential in spiritual, academic, physical, and social growth . Our responsibility is to help all students attain their maximum ability by word and example."

Protection of Children

Protection of Children

As a part of the Bishop’s Charter relating to The Protection of Children Program parents/guardians are to be provided information that assist in the education/knowledge about the topics that relate to the sexual abuse of children.

St. Patrick School will provide parents this education/information in two ways.  The five NewsNotes from the Archdiocese Office for the Protection of Children will be sent with the school newsletter.  The NewsNotes will also be available through the school website (

Additional information regarding the Archdiocese program can be found at


POC NewsNote 1

POC NewsNote 2

POC NewsNote 3

POC NewsNote 4

POC Newsnote 5


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