Shaping students in spirituality, moral awareness,
scholarship and stewardship.


"The community of St. Patrick School believe that all students can grow in their Christian faith and strive to achieve the same standards that Jesus set forth in wisdom, age, and grace before God and Human kind. Our school's purpose is to prepare each child to reach their potential in spiritual, academic, physical, and social growth . Our responsibilty is to help each student attain their maximum ability by word and example."

Standing Committees

School Board Standing Committees

Through the Bylaws within the Board Policy, the School Board may appoint Standing Committees.  The Standing Committees are appointed for a specific purpose and serve at the pleasure of the School Board.

Depending upon the purpose of a specific Standing Committee, the committee may be appointed for a short time or for an indefinite length of time.  For example, the Building Projects Campaign Committee will be appointed only for the time needed to complete its goal, probably less than one year.  An example of a committee appointed for an indefinite time is the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC).  The committee is required of all public and private schools in Iowa to comply with the General Accreditation Standards.  The SIAC shall make recommendations to the School Board about the following items:

  1. Major Educational Needs
  2. Student Learning Goals
  3. Long-range Goals Including Reading, Mathematics and Science Achievement

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